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the most comprehensive defense for san diego dui arrests & dmv license suspension hearings

mastery of craft

Attorney Matt Terry has learned and refined his skill-set from the best trial lawyers in the country. He continually practices with a commitment to mastery of craft - effectively representing those accused of DUI while refusing to "cherry-pick" the easy cases. 

No DUI charge is the same. There is no one-size-fits-all defense. As a trial lawyer, Matt Terry believes it is fundamentally wrong to discuss plea bargains and negotiate cases until all cards are on the table. A full, thorough investigation of the government's evidence and case is essential -- not only to properly negotiate the client's case, but to provide the client with the ultimate end result: the best possible outcome given all the facts of each case. 

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Defending the Accused With a Commitment to Excellence

his work ethic is prolific

As the former State Delegate for the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), Matt Terry is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable DUI lawyers in San Diego County with work ethic nothing short of prolific.

Because of the immense work this requires, Terry seeks to keep a small caseload of clients at any given time and does not accept every potential client. Terry will nonetheless offer a free consultation on anyone’s DUI arrest — to assist those accused in making the decision whether to hire a DUI lawyer and if so, what to consider while making this all-important decision.

​No other decision should be made until all evidence is on the table. It is the constitutional right of the accused to take the case to trial or decide on a plea bargain. It is the duty of the attorney to advise you of all potential defenses to the elements of conviction prior to pleading "guilty" to any charge. 

every case is prepared for trial

San Diego DUI Lawyer Matt Terry is nationally recognized for providing the most comprehensive defense possible for his clients. 

From representation at the DMV license suspension hearings to the criminal prosecution for DUI charges, Matt Terry's mission has been to provide the most complete and thorough investigation of each client's case. Only then will the best possible results be achieved. 

Working from the core philosophy, San Diego DUI Lawyer Matt Terry prepares every case for trial. 

With that philosophy, his results in recent years are unprecedented. From dozens of jury trials, DMV hearings to overturn the license suspension and utilizing the appellate court to overturn convictions, his commitment to his craft is legendary. His results -- especially in regard to the smaller caseload he maintains -- are equally undeniable.