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the most comprehensive defense for san diego dui arrests & dmv license suspension hearings

The Law Offices of Matthew Terry, A.P.L.C. 

with over 60 jury trials in the past 4 years, matt terry's numbers tower over the vast majority of san diego "dui attorneys" 

One would believe that a lawyer is a lawyer. There is nothing further from the truth. In San Diego County, there are less than 20 lawyers who can document upwards of five DUI jury trials per year within the past four years. Matt Terry has multiple jury trials, bench trials, dismissed cases prior to trial and appellate court representation as well. Only those who take DUI allegations to trial - and win - have the true leverage to negotiate. 


The Terry Firm is now re-writing the rules of client representation in terms of comprehensive, rigorous advocacy. Attorney Terry has been described as “obsessively diligent” and “committed to excellence.” He describes his life path as being a never-ending pursuit in mastery of craft and person.

named partner in one of the largest san diego dui firms within six months of becoming a lawyer. 

Once an associate attorney and trial lawyer for the largest DUI firm in San Diego, Mr. Terry continued to argue the gamut: jury trials, DMV license suspension hearings, pre-trial motions and appellate matters for the firm. In May of 2011, the associate became partner: the two lawyers decided to create Casey & Terry, LLP – an exclusive DUI Defense practice.

Though both attorneys never lost a jury trial in the following months, Mr. Terry decided to step out on his own and launch the Law Offices of Matthew Terry, APLC. The focus continues to be on DUI cases, jury trials with an expanded approach to appellate matters and writs of mandamus. His practice continues to be fully committed to excellence in advocacy. He is usually found in the midst of a DUI jury trial.

certified proficient by in standardized field sobriety tests by nhtsa (national highway safety administration)

In April of 2011, Terry graduated from the prestigious DWI Detection / Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course at La Pier Academy. This rigorous program qualifies proficiency in all Field Sobriety Tests standardized by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and used by virtually every police department in the country. 


former california state delegate

In July of 2010, Terry graduated from the National College of DUI Defense Summer Session, held at Harvard Law School. He has since graduated from the rigorous summer program in the following two years: 2011 and 2012. He actively participates in continued training with the various NCDD events. Matt Terry held the distinction of "State Delegate" - only one attorney per state is awarded this position and he was honored to serve the College in this capacity. 


After enlisting in the Marine Corps (Infantry) in 1998, Mr. Terry went back to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from California State University, Chico in 2003. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in May 2009 and passed the California Bar Exam two months later.

Mr. Terry began working with one of the largest DUI defense firms after spending the entire summer following his first year in law school watching jury trials in the San Diego courthouse. Throughout law school, he worked full time at the firm while attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law in the evenings.

Eager to get in the thick of the action, Terry began arguing DMV administrative hearings daily – literally cross-examining dozens of police officers & civilian witnesses every month. As he sharpened his advocacy skills, he began winning DMV hearings that many considered to be un-winnable.

Word of his ability spread: local firms began to approach Mr. Terry, asking him to train their employees in his unique approach; other firms hired him outright, to argue on behalf of their clients on a per-hearing basis.

Mr. Terry continued to excel at oral advocacy, becoming certified by the State Bar under the PTLS program, arguing (and winning) multiple motions to suppress evidence (resulting in full dismissals), writs of mandamus in civil court (against the DMV) and even arguing before the Court of Appeals – the very day he found out he passed the California Bar Exam. He second chaired multiple DUI trials; misdemeanors and felonies.

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matt terry

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